Basket Illusion No. 5

I am using Jim Adkins’ technique. My first two baskets were based on David Nittmann’s technique with the big help of the Harvey Meyer YouTube (parts 1 and 2). The main difference is on the way the radial lines are burn. Jim Adkins’ technique emphasizes realistic replications of Native American basketry when used as inspiration. It is also more time consuming, but more rewarding in particularly when you are asked: “when did you start to weave?” I differentiate these two different techniques by name: David Nittmann’s technique, for me, is more basket mosaic and Jim Adkins’ technique is more basket illusion. Both techniques produce outstanding projects. Of course Lincoln Seitzman will always be the originator of these process variants.

I wanted a more stitches effect on my basket illusion. After studying in more detail various Native American basket designs, a suggestion from Jim Adkins, I decided to create a new burning tip to try to replicate the stitches effect instead of using the burning tip that I used on my other 4 basket illusions.



I am limited in size on my Nova Comet II. My basket illusion is 10” in diameter (25.50 cm) and 3.75” height (9.50 cm). It was done in April/May 2018.



The making …


Burning and Coloring …


More details …

the side
    Panamint19 Side
the bottom
Panamint20 Bottom
and more


This new burning tip increased the coloring time by a factor of 2 to 3. You have to color the top of the bead of each cell (the space between two vertical burn lines on a bead) and both points on each side between the beads. I do not burn between the beads.


My indexing and burning techniques


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  1. Jerry Maske says:

    Nice work. I’m not clear on your burning techniques but they seem to work out. I’ve got wood burning tips carved such that they fit over the beads; saves a lot of time. After that, it’s design and lots of headaches. Congratulations on a very nice project


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