Basket Illusion No. 7

Date: June 2021

The Making of the “Unfinished Basket” of Louisa Keyser
I am also working on a new degikup basket illusion honoring Louis Keyser: her “Unfinished basket”, the one she was buried with. Marvin Cohodas sent me the only picture that exists of that basket.
Thank you very much Marvin to help me trying to bring this “Unfinished Basket” to life!

I did not have a large piece of maple so I had to do it with 4 pieces …

This is the only picture black and white of her “Unfinished basket” that Marvin Cohodas sent me.
Not too much definition, taken around 1925. I can see some design similarity with other baskets.

She did similar design on other baskets. I plan to use 2 colors and use the thicker design. My stitches need to be as tight as my previous one, LK 41-42, the Beacon Lights, like 29 burns per inch.
The narrow design was for smaller baskets. The thicker design was for larger baskets.
When you see the red line on the large basket it seems “strait”

Her points seem to align more on the B&W pic. There is also 1 bead that separates the design.
I think I need to do more thinking about the way I need to do the design. I may have to go back to the readings of the last years of her life to see if I can find some evolution of her design.

I decided to do this design. It seems closer to what she had on the B&W picture.

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